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About us

LUXURY WEDDING & HONEYMOON HOTELS is a website dedicated to providing you with a wedding & honeymoon in the most romantic destinations of the world. 
We have selected a variety of top class, luxurious hotels and resorts in a number of amazing and idyllic locations to help you create your dream wedding & honeymoon; from tying the knot amongst the wildlife in Africa or enjoying a wedding on a sparkling beach to a variety of excursions which will satisfy the most discerning of couples – with experiences from private yacht hire, elephant rides in the jungle, incredible safaris and awe-inspiring city breaks to the ultimate in luxury coastal locations.
And when you have selected your ideal setting, you can browse available wedding and honeymoon packages or custom-create your bespoke wedding experience using our ‘Get A Quote’ page to put your programme together, with essentials such as venues, floral arrangements, cakes, music & entertainment, food & beverage, hair, make up and spa treatments, all available for your perusal, along with a guide price. 

Whatever you are looking for, our website invites you to craft your ideal luxury wedding & honeymoon abroad, exactly the way you want it.

From inspiration to reality – it’s all just a click away…