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Nicknamed the 'Island of Love' through its connection with Aphrodite, Cyprus is a small island with a lot to offer. A country proud of its roots, Cyprus’ location on the crossroads of three continents, along with the fact that it has been ruled over by numerous Empires, gives it an interesting blend of influences – with fabulous mixes of its traditional Greek culture enhanced by doses of Middle Eastern, African and Western European characteristics. This fascinating history means there is a lot to see, from Roman ruins in Paphos and Limassol to Byzantine Monasteries in the Troodos mountains.
Much of the island, especially its smaller villages, only really began to dabble with modernity within the last 50 years or so, and many of its older generations remember the days before televisions, washing machines and other mod-cons. Their stories can still be discovered in tourist areas like Fikardou – a beautiful mountain village with a museum that has preserved nearly the whole area in time, providing a marvellous insight into the old Cypriot way of life. 
Of course, Cyprus is well known for its weather and fantastic beaches, and it is certainly one of the countries in Europe that offers hot and dry summer months; a place where the outdoors can be enjoyed day and night, with warm afternoons relaxing on the sand and memorable evenings sitting at a contemporary bar sipping drinks and enjoying the spell binding atmosphere and the buzz in the air. But even looking beyond the coastal resorts, incredible restaurants, traditional tavernas, sophisticated bars and excellent nightlife, every region has something unique for you to experience - and the island is so small that you can get around it all!
The breathtaking scenery and warm climate make Cyprus the perfect setting for your wedding and honeymoon, and being amongst friendly people who live a relaxed way of life, you will find it easy to sit back and enjoy yourselves on the island famous for romance..


  • Limassol

    The second largest city in Cyprus, Limassol attracts a great number of tourists each year. It has an incredibly fruitful and romantic past; previously known as Neapolis and built between the two ancient cities of Amathus and Kourion, the city even played host to the wedding of Richard the Lionhear...Read more
  • Pissouri

    A beautiful and peaceful location half way between Limassol and Paphos, Pissouri is a quaint village with, unusually, both a stunning bay and a mountainous setting to its name.  Close enough to the bigger towns of Limassol and Paphos so that they are easily accessible (around 30 minutes eac...Read more


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Columbia Beach Resort is a unique and magical venue for weddings and honeymoons in Cyprus. Where better to get married than overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, close to the very shores where Aphrodite, the Goddess of love, emerged from the waves? The resort co...