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The beautiful country of Greece has a lot to offer to those looking for a romance. With a strong, traditional culture comes a beautiful contradiction of modernity; the country’s fruitful history is scattered amongst its fashionable and contemporary towns and cities. From its vibrant inland cities to the famous Greek coastlines and stunning beaches, the breathtaking Greek Islands to Mount Olympus, your Wedding & Honeymoon in Greece will be an incredible adventure. 

Why not immerse yourself in the history of one of Greece’s Islands, where some of Europe’s most ancient civilisations laid their roots, or just find a private cove and relax. Visit the archaeological monuments in mainland Greece, shop till you drop in Athens, or take a hike up one of the county’s many mountain ranges. Whatever you are looking for in your Wedding & Honeymoon, Greece has it, and more. 


  • Crete

    The largest Island in Greece, Crete boasts a stunning 1km coastline with gorgeous soft, sandy beaches looking out to the expanse of the striking, blue Mediterranean Sea. Rich in history and tradition, it is an archaeological gem, with ancient civilisations rooted in its past. With such an incredib...Read more
  • Halkidiki

    A beautiful peninsula in Northern Greece, Halkidiki is a popular region, offering a stunning location and numerous possibilities for adventure, while enjoying an easy accessibility to striking local islands. Its unique natural landscape provides a plain that is perfect for those who prefer to rela...Read more
  • Thassos Island

    A beautiful Island steeped in rich history, Thassos is a gem of the Aegean Sea famous for its crisp, golden beaches and the kind hospitality of its people. Also known as ‘The Emerald Isle’, it is relatively unspoiled, and its stunning setting provides many a chance for romance. As yet ...Read more
  • Athens

    The founding centre of democracy and the birthplace of numerous great philosophers, the ancient city of Athens is a cornucopia of fascinating monuments, monasteries, temples, museums and galleries. Its rich heritage can be discovered wherever visitors tread, with clues of its past - from the Byzan...Read more