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Wonderful Indonesia, the vast archipelago; a place with a deep and interesting history; a country with the second largest rainforest in the world, and a beautiful set of islands, each with its own diverse culture and traditions and all with hospitable locals ready to make your time there unforgettable. 
Indonesia’s different regions all offer their own original sights, sounds and attractions – from the bright lights, legendary beaches and fantastic entertainment of Bali, to the world-class diving sites of Sulawesi, the heaving heartland of Java, to the adventure-filled terrain of Borneo, with its mighty jungles, rivers and Orang-utans. 
Visiting Indonesia is certainly a voyage of discovery, and your wedding & honeymoon there will be an experience that you will never forget; a holiday that will stay with you forever. 


  • Bali

    A tropical paradise, Bali is an excellent destination for a Wedding & Honeymoon of relaxation and discovery. Being such a small island, the resort can be driven around in just a day! Famous for the hospitality of its people, the locals are what define Bali; it’s sights, sounds and smells...Read more