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Visa Requirements

British nationals do not need a visa to enter Malaysia as a visitor. You will normally be given permission to stay for three months on arrival. Visas for longer stays or for non-tourist purposes must be obtained from the nearest Malaysian diplomatic mission before travel.

The Malaysian authorities are running a vigorous campaign against illegal immigration and are therefore inspecting immigration documents, such as work permits, very closely. It is important that you neither overstay your visa, nor infringe the terms of entry.  Persons doing so (even overstaying for just a few days) will incur a fine and possibly detention and deportation. UK citizens travelling from Peninsular Malaysia to East Malaysia (sometimes known as Malaysian Borneo and comprising the states of Sabah and Sarawak) need to carry their passports to enter East Malaysia.

Passport validity

You must hold a valid passport to enter Malaysia. Your passport must be valid for a minimum period of six months from the date of entry into Malaysia.

Biometric Registration

The Malaysian Immigration Department has introduced a biometric registration system. Under the new system all foreigners entering Malaysia by land, air and sea will have biometric fingerprints taken at the immigration entry point. Implementation of the system began on 1 June 2011. Children below 12 years of age will be exempted as will holders of diplomatic passports and VVIPs with prior approval from the Immigration Department.

Dual nationals

Dual nationals should also be aware that Malaysia does not recognise dual nationality, so technically you can be refused entry if you are found to be holding two passports of different nationality. If you are a dual national it is advisable to enter Malaysia on the passport on which you exited your last country of departure.

Travelling with children

Single parents or other adults travelling alone with children should be aware that some countries require documentary evidence of parental responsibility before allowing lone parents to enter the country or, in some cases, before permitting the children to leave the country. They may want to see birth certificates, a letter of consent from the other parent or some evidence as to your responsibility for the child. Malaysian authorities do not normally require such evidence but if you have any concerns please check with Malaysian representation in the UK.

The information on this page is supplied by the British Foreign & Commonwealth Office. If you do not live in the UK please check with the relevant office in your country of residence for this information.