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Thoughts of Spain throw up magnificent swirls of reds and yellows, bullfighting, flamenco dancers, taste bud tempting gastronomic delights, days of sightseeing and hours of relaxation on its sundrenched beaches, with the pleasure of a glass of sangria…or two. The ultimate holiday destination, Spain truly does offer all of this, and yet a lot more.
The country’s enriched history and background is revealed in Spain’s architectural attractions strewn around its major cities, like Barcelona, Madrid, Seville, Bilbao and Valencia, all of which are a must see, while ancient towns provide nostalgic and insightful days out. Numerous different traditions, styles and cultures can be found all across the country, and they reveal a lot about its origins and the development of the Modern Spain that we all know and love today, with telling Roman landmarks, grand Cathedrals and awe-inspiring Muslim palaces mapping its journey through time. 
Throughout the year, a plethora of activities and events are to be discovered and enjoyed, including major local celebrations, great sporting events, and incredible theatre and arts productions, while thrill seekers can enjoy fabulous adventures in the Spanish mountain ranges, like the Sierras Béticas and the Pyrenees – from hiking, to skiing in the winter months. Golf is also a very popular activity, and there are around four hundred golf courses to choose from across the country.
Getting lost in the romance of Spain’s fabulous regional cuisine and tremendous wines is very easy, and incredibly pleasurable, with fresh and tasty food, from local restaurants to sophisticated and modern eateries, available on every corner.
And then, of course, there are the beaches. Stretches of coastline provide an incredible setting for days spent enjoying a swim in the warm seas, delighting in water sports and Scuba diving and basking in the sunshine, surrounded by golden sands, with the knowledge that you can clear your mind, relax and revel in the marvellous Spanish atmosphere. 


  • Mallorca

    The largest of the beautiful Balearic Islands, many consider Mallorca’s main attraction to be sun, sea and sand, yet it offers so much more in terms of its gorgeous landscape, the new experiences to be gained and the opportunity for discovery – and all of this on a small island! &nbs;...Read more