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Thailand, often nicknamed the Land of Smiles, is famous for its amazing, unspoiled beaches, its enchanting natural environment, its tropical climate and the hospitality of its people.

A visit to Bangkok (a must if you are planning to marry in Thailand) reveals a modern, contemporary city brimming with shopping centres, eclectic markets, fantastic dining options and a famous nightlife, yet all this beautifully juxtaposed with stunning Buddhist temples and gleaming palaces.
Those seeking a break away from the hustle and bustle will find all they require in many of Thailand’s other towns and cities, including Chiang Mai, where everything from century old, majestic Thai architecture to cultural performances – even Thai cooking classes are there to be discovered. 
A beautiful Kingdom, defined by its rich history and culture, Thailand is a land where modernity and tradition go hand in hand, offering the traveller an incredible journey through past and present, while enjoying the delectable Thai cuisine and the vast myriad of entertainment available – from a relaxing massage to an exciting elephant ride - plenty to keep you occupied and enthralled. This amazing country, with its romantic scenery, certainly offers a peaceful and idyllic setting for your perfect wedding and honeymoon.


  • Krabi

    Situated on the East coast of Southern Thailand, Krabi is an area of outstanding natural beauty. Peaceful and rarely visited islands are dotted along its coast line - their beautiful sandy beaches only reachable by boat, and decorated with towering limestone Karst seemingly exploding from the Anda...Read more
  • Koh Samui

    The third largest Island in Thailand, Koh Samui is a beautiful, tropical paradise. Well known for being a destination that offers something for everyone, the area has surprisingly only recently been modernised from the traditional Thai Island that it was merely thirty years ago, and in the last fi...Read more
  • Phuket

    Known as Thailand’s ‘Pearl of the South’, Phuket is Asia’s most popular beach destination. A large island surrounded by the sparkling blue waters of the Andaman Sea, it’s easy to see why tourists flock to enjoy its sites and sounds – there really is something fo...Read more
  • Chiang Rai

    Located about three hours north of the city of Chiang Mai, and part of the fabled ‘Golden Triangle’, Chiang Rai sits on the border of three countries. The breathtaking Doi Pha Mon mountains, lying along the course of the Mekong River, provide a stunning backdrop, while their famous pea...Read more